Get Your Free Rent analysis!

Get Your Free Rental Analysis

We guarantee we can find a quality tenant for your home in 30 days, or the first two months of management fees are FREE!


  • Southern Heritage Property Management  must have final say on the rental price and have the ability to make small adjustments. We will discuss the price prior to listing your property.
  • The property must be vacant.
  • Owner must allow up to two pets.
  • Southern Heritage Property Management must have all keys, garage remotes and mail box keys (if applicable) prior to beginning the 30-day Lease Guarantee.
  • The home must be move-in ready. The 30 days begin the date the home is move-in ready.

As a full service property management company, our team is responsible for taking care of all aspects of managing your rental(s). We specialize in residential property management and have over 10+ years experience. By focusing on residential properties, our professional and caring staff possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you and your property are our first priority

  • Qualified Tenant Placement
  • Maintenance Calls Answered 24/7
  • Assurances
  • Owner Portal Access 24/7

Property Management focused

At Southern Heritage, we are management specialists. Our resources and personnel are devoted to the protection of our clients’ property and to high return on investment. We focus on excellence in tenant placement then great communication and relationships with tenants to help alleviate turnover. Our processes and documentation are designed to save you money.


We do not accept just any rental application. We thoroughly screen the tenants that will ultimately live in your property. We check credit, criminal, employment and rental history and verify income. This process is one of the best ways for us to mitigate the risk of having a challenging tenancy.


We are damage management experts. We know what needs to be documented and we do so ahead of tenant occupancy. This documentation of the condition of the property is clear and concise. We do regular inspections to stay on top of any potential issues.  At the end of the lease term we inspect again and document any damages. Our process eliminates any confusion as to who is responsible for what. Our documentation is extensive and thorough which makes for a more streamlined, positive move out process.

positive tenant experience

If a tenant has a positive experience from the start, they are far more likely to remain a long term tenant. Cultivating a positive, professional relationship with tenants means that they have a greater sense that they have found home – translating into a long-term, more profitable arrangement for you.

reduced legal

Liability management is invaluable. We take regular update classes on state and federal regulations in order to remain in compliance. We operate only with the most current information and contracts, as to operate within the latest laws and guidelines. This is a priority. 


With our simple fee structure, there are no shifts in the owner’s monthly draw. You’re not nickel-and-dimed for every little service or task, offering you budgetary peace of mind.


We work with a team of licensed vendors that we have  negotiated priority appointment scheduling and in house pricing. We handle needed maintenance requests  timely and as cost effectively as possible for our owners.


We show properties 7 days a week and thoroughly screen all applicants, including credit score, income, employment verification, check criminal/sex offender and eviction history and references. We will do a thorough move in inspection of the property as well as periodic inspections while the tenant lives in the property.  We will then do a very thorough move out inspection of the property once the tenant vacates. Any damages above normal wear and tear will be covered by the security deposit for the owner.

provided services

  •  View and evaluate the property condition and recommend repairs and maintenance necessary to prepare the property for rental as well as maintain asset value.
  • Conduct a market analysis to determine optimal market rent value.
  • Photograph the property for adequate record of current condition.
  • Strategically place a professionally appealing “For Rent” sign on the property.
  • Place a lock box on or near the door to allow our entrance and entrance of local real estate agents for the purpose of showing the property by appointment.
  • Photograph the property and exterior for advertising purposes. Distribute the rental listing ad to industry leading real estate websites, our own website and the Charlotte MLS.
  • Personally show the property to prospective tenants.
  • Extensively screen applicants in addition to a credit, criminal, sex offender and eviction background check.
  • Collect and hold security deposits in a bank trust account.
  • Prepare and execute the lease in compliance with the NC Real Estate Commission guidelines with appropriate maintenance, pet, etc. addendums attached.


  • Move-in – meet with tenant after move-in to assure any issues are addressed
  • Periodic – perform exterior inspections during tenancy to assure maintained condition of property
  • Move-out – Upon tenant vacating premises an assessment will be made and reported to owner regarding condition and recommended corrections to any issues in order to prepare property for showing to prospective new tenants
  • Maintain communication and build rapport with tenants
  • Collect rent and disburse payment to owner via EFT/ACH or mailed check
  • Provide “rent due” reminders monthly – in the event of a late payment, fees are assessed and contact is made to determine reason for delinquency
  • Prompt response to all maintenance requests – a maintenance request portal is provided on this website for the convenience of the tenant to submit their request online. Emergency phone contact is provided for issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Trusted, vetted maintenance contractors and handymen are pre-qualified to meet our standards for repair and maintenance requirements
  • Owner’s monthly and yearly financial reports with invoices and 1099’s are provided


Jan is such a pleasure to work with! She is always super reliable and helps work with client needs with care and compassion. She is an expert at what she does and I’m so glad to have worked with her for many years and will always call on her for future property needs.



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